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I spent $2400 on a computer and repairs and still have issues on a new machine.My problem is Audio/Video.

I noticed it in online games, hulu and YouTube. I told Don. He told me all about game lag. I've been gaming for 7 years.

I know what game lag is. And while he had my machine in for repairs I played on a $500 laptop with no "Audio/Video" problems. I told him that. He still insisted that it was game lag.

My internet connection was poor. The laptop still did fine. Regardless, I bought a new cable modem and a cisco wireless card. Recently noticed the audio problem in iTunes.

Just tried to watch a Blu Ray video today and had audio/video problems.Will have to find a new technician.

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:? Was sort of surprised that someone pointed this out to me.I had called and left ideas to try to resolve this even after she had said she was going to use another tech to address the issue.

I had brought this system to my shop to address the problems and could not repeat the problem, the sound was not mentioned until the last call we had nor was the DVD problem. I made three trips to her home and gave suggestions. Her partner even apologized for her and said she was very picky and it had to be absolutely perfect or she would complain. I did my best to please her even after she said she was going else where.

A lose of 2400.00 is a bit much since the computer is still in use and the issue is fixed according to her partner. I would have been happy to continue to work on this.

I completed other work for her partner with no problems and went above expectations according to her.I wish it had worked out differently.

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I had to recently google Don's company because my contacts didn't sync over to my new phone.When I googled Don's company to get his number, I came across this.

I own a business and don't appreciate when people leave information about a company that is unfounded.

I talked to Don because he came by my office and he states that he tried everything in his power to take care of this customer.I have to believe Don because he has been doing a great job for us for over 4 years.

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